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McGill Machine Works' experienced professionals can quickly and proficiently handle all of your machining needs. We have the equipment and expertise for:

CNC Milling
McGill Machine Works has several CNC machining centers providing the capability to produce your product

CNC Turning
We have a wide range of ways to complete your turning needs: from CNC turning centers to precision turret lathes

Our toolmakers are specialized in precision grinding for high-end, ultra-precision products

• Wire EDM - For your EDM wire cutting needs
• Sinker EDM - For your EDM burning needs

All types of metals and field welding offered

We offer custom fabrication of all materials and can handle your fabrication needs

We are experienced in a wide range of materials including:
• Steel (all types)
• Plastic (all types)
• Aluminum (all types)
• Stainless (all types)
• Tool Steel (all types)
• Copper/Brass (all types)
• Exotic (titanium, proprietary blends, etc.)

We work intensely with a variety of industries:
• Automation (Custom & Turnkey)
• Food Processing & Agriculture
• Consumer & Retail Goods
• Construction & Energy Providers
• Defense Products

• Freight Handling
• Medical Equipment
• Production Manufacturing

• Waste Management

Our products range from small to large, basic to complex, including:
• Miniature & Precision
• Mounts & Brackets
• Valves & Nozzles

• Assemblies & Sub-Assemblies

• Automated Machines

• Automated Accessories

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