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Fabric Machinery in Factory


McGill Machine Works has the experience and capabilities to handle a multitude of engineering and design challenges. Our staff of tooling professionals specialize in:


McGill Machine Works is diverse in production methods. Whether you provide drawings from your Engineering Department or work off of an existing part or assembly, we can accept any drawing file type: DWG, IGES, STEP and DXF, just to name a few. We can produce CAD drawings, take an existing item and design additional concepts for that product or even provide final assembly. We also offer complete reverse engineering. Send us your entire machine design packet and we will quote the package and produce all the products by your due date. Whether you require high-production parts or a one-off design, We Can Machine That™.


Do you have a single part or fully-automated assembly that needs replication? Even with a simple, hand-drawn sketch, we can replicate any product design via CAD software. You approve it and we make it: simple.


We handle a range of tasks, from small one- and two-piece products to design, fabrication, production runs and full-cycle automation. We handle all types of materials and our toolmakers come from different fields in the trade, including: die makers, automation and job shops.

With a growing global market and many fixtures and assemblies being produced overseas, the barriers of language and boundaries of time and space can force a company to wait. When we take your order, we can provide you with the Big 3 Promise: QUALITY, DELIVERY and PRICE. Many manufacturers have to compromise with one of those options, but McGill Machine Works is committed to all three.


Our newest endeavor is Account Access. With everything we are working on in today's market being Rush Rush Rush, it is nice to know where your job is at. With real-time Account Access, not only do you receive notifications at the beginning of your project and at completion, but you also have 24/7 access to the LIVE progress of your purchase order, line item by line item.

This exclusive feature from McGill Machine Works is included at no additional charge and allows you to track the percent-completion on your order, saving you time and providing you with CONTROL.

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